Use SVG for Flowcharts

Convert PDF Flowcharts

Flow charts are a natural for SVG. They are vector graphics that depict a process or workflow. All of the flowchart creation apps online are possible thanks to SVG.

Flowcharts represent all the steps and decisions that make up a given process. These diagrams show, step-by-step, all the decisions that impact a process. By definition, they are made of shapes and text. These shapes, also known as flowchart symbols, represent different actions or decision points in a process. Lines and arrows link the sequences and relationships.

If you search for SVG Flowchart, you’ll find a number of tools, free and paid, to help you document your processes. Many of them claim to be alternatives to Visio. You can also see a lot of great flowchart examples on Wikimedia Commons.

Convert PDF to SVG Flowcharts

You can convert any computer-generated PDF flowchart using pdf2picture. Just select your PDF file and then convert it. Open it in a browser or an editor like Inkscape for further modification.

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Use SVG for Flowcharts