Visual Integrity Press Resources

We appreciate your interest in using our company logo and other Visual Integrity press resources. Below, you’ll find a few different versions and usage guidelines. Please download whatever you need. Once you are all set, we’d appreciate getting a link or PDF of your blog, article, announcement, etc… Thanks!

Visual Integrity Logo

The Visual Integrity logo has two colors, which change depending on the background.

Light Background

Visual Integrity Press Resources
Visual Integrity Logo for use on light backgrounds (transparent background)

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Dark Background

Visual Integrity Press Resources

Visual Integrity Logo for use on dark backgrounds (download via link for transparent background)

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Square Logo


Download    PNG

Color Palette

Visual Integrity Press Resources

White: #FFFFFF     RGB   255, 255, 255

Visual Integrity Blue: #00aee7  RGB 0, 174, 231   Pantone 298 CV

Black: #000000   RGB 0, 0, 0


Visual Integrity is a registered trademark of Visual Integrity Technologies LLC. When written, the company name is two words. When used as a stylized graphic logo, the words are connected.


We’re glad you want to help spread the word about Visual Integrity. When you do, please be mindful of the following guidelines:

  • Leave generous space around our logo. White space looks good, and it helps both of us stand out better.
  • Please don’t alter our logo in any way or use different colors for the words “Visual Integrity.” Backgrounds may be shades of grey or light neutral colors.

About Visual Integrity

Visual Integrity is an early pioneer and leader in PDF and vector graphics technologies. Since 1993, Visual Integrity has been developing solutions to reuse, repurpose and unlock vector-based content such as drawings, diagrams and technical illustrations. The company has turned its 30 years of vector graphics expertise into desktop programs, such as pdf2cad and pdf2picture, as well as a comprehensive PDF API framework for developers and systems integrators. SDK’s include the PDF Conversion SDK, PDF Creation SDK and Custom PDF SDK. Visual Integrity has offices in The Netherlands and Portland, Maine.