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The pdf2bricscad plug-in installs within BricsCAD and enables user to open and edit PDF drawings.

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Edit PDF drawings in BricsCAD

Use pdf2bricscad to transform PDF files into CAD drawings. It saves hours of redraw time and pays for itself in the first use. It’s simple to use too. From the toolbar, select a PDF drawing and watch it open. In seconds, you’ll have an accurate drawing ready to modify with all your familiar BricsCAD tools.

pdf2bricscad is ideal for converting CAD drawings, floor-plans, network diagrams and organization charts. PDF drawings need to be from other software programs. Computer-generated PDF files are vector PDF files. They contain all the geometry and text needed to render a useful drawing. pdf2bricsCAD extracts editable CAD entities, objects and text from any computer-generated PDF file.

pdf2bricscad is not able to convert scanned drawings. Scanned PDF files are flat image files that have lost all definition. They have nothing in them to extract so the result is a tracing layer.

pdf2BricsCAD offers all the power of pdf2cad in a plugin

Visual Integrity’s pdf2cad is the world’s best-selling PDF to CAD converter. Now it’s available as a BricsCAD plugin that opens PDF files as editable CAD drawings. This plugin will save you hours of redraw time and give you editing access to any computer-generated PDF output. All entities, layers, line-types, objects and text are ready for editing.

Requires BricsCAD and computer-generated PDF files. Not for scanned or hand-drawings.

Key Features in pdf2bricsCAD

  • Top choice PDF to CAD Converter for 26+ Years
  • Opens PDF drawing directly from BricsCAD menu
  • No limit on PDF size
  • Scaling based on PDF coordinates ensures perfect match every time
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Combines characters to form editable words and lines of text
  • Cropping
  • Rotate output by any degree
  • Option to ignore text, images or paths during conversion
  • Define CAD unit to match original dimensions
  • Specify minimum line width
  • Separates layers in CAD drawing based on PDF layers, color or other definitions
  • Dashed/dotted lines as segments
  • Improved reporting on errors and warnings
  • Certified BricsCAD plugin interface

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