PDF Objects SDK


The Visual Integrity Custom PDF SDK gives object-level control to developers. Uuse it to programmatically pre-process PDF files, extract specific objects from pages, or change drawing elements before importing. The Custom API can be used to add support for a proprietary or native format. It’s very flexible and easy to integrate. Please get in touch with us to discuss your project.

From: $699.00 / year



Access All PDF Page Contents

Most PDF APIs only analyze documents at the page level, but the PDF Objects SDK stands out by delving deeper into the document. It examines all objects on a page and provides developers with access to them, which opens up new options for PDF processing. When used in conjunction with our PDF Conversion and PDF Creation SDKs, it offers comprehensive PDF control and manipulation. The object display list can also be used to map PDF to a custom format or create a conversion engine.

The PDF Objects SDK considers page contents as a list of objects, each of which can have its own values and attributes. Developers can read, write, edit, and create page content that includes fonts, images, vector objects, and more. Each object is self-contained and carries all the relevant information about itself, such as font attributes for text objects. Objects layer in the order they appear in the display list, giving developers the ability to change a page’s appearance and resave it as a PDF. It also allows for the creation of pages from scratch. The SDK can parse and access object data within all PDF versions, including the ISO standard PDF 2.0. The SDK includes source code for Open Design Alliance members to create the ODA OdDbDatabase in memory of a given PDF page. The PDF Objects SDK is highly adaptable and simple to integrate into your application. Please contact us to discuss your project and determine if the PDF Objects SDK is the right fit for you.


  • Search and extract specific objects from a PDF page
  • Add direct support for your format without a conversion step
  • Import object data without a conversion step into your application
  • Search object geometry data
  • Find text object strings
  • Perform operations on object data
  • Delete object data
  • Change attributes of object data
  • Extract image objects like JPEG files.
  • Snapping