Using PDF in Visio

Use pdf2picture to convert your PDF files to WMF or SVG. Then, open them in Visio and make your changes. It's that easy!


Use pdf2cad to convert PDF files into DWG, DXF or HPGL. Open the file in your application so you can edit the objects and text. Try it!

PDF in Tech Pubs

As a tech pubs writer, you often need to do the impossible. Moving graphics into the user manuals is not always easy. Meet PDF FLY!

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There's no easier way to extract editable graphics from your PDF files.

Select your PDF files

You can choose one file or dozens - there's no limit to how many files you can convert at once.

Choose format

Pick the type of file that works best with your editing software. If it's Visio, choose WMF; if AutoCAD then DWG.


Click "Convert" and all the files will instantly be transformed into the format you chose. Now you can open and edit them!


Visual Integrity has been leading the industry for 20+ years in PDF and graphics conversion technologies. On our site, you'll find proven, everyday solutions for transforming PDF files into AutoCAD, Visio and more. The end-user desktop programs are simple to use and offer numerous options to control your conversion so the final output is just what you need. For programmers, we also have a robust and broad range of developer libraries and system integrator tools. When you choose Visual Integrity products, you can be confident that whatever you need to do with PDF and graphics will be possible and backed by more than two decades worth of experience and mature technology.

2 Types of PDF

Vector or Raster PDF?

Did you know that there were two basic types of PDF files? In a nutshell, vector PDF files are computer-generated and have tons of information in them about all of the objects and text in the file. We can extract this and give you a perfect match. On the other hand, raster PDF files are like photocopies. They are mostly produced by scanners and can't be converted easily.

REUSE, REPURPOSE, RECYCLE - Modify objects, edit text, change attributes
George RootInternational Submarine Engineering
“I have to say that the software was amazing! It exceeded my expectations. We have from time to time a need to do the conversion and your software was the only one we found to do such a complete job.”
Nick RuddockMPS Australia
“I tested the eval version against a multi-page PDF document with vector images on pages 8 to 13. It worked sweetly. I’ll get my credit card!”
Tech PubsAmerican Honda
"We use PDF FLY to convert service manuals from EPS to SVG for the web. We have it scripted to save time. Works great!"