Open and Edit PDF in Your App or Service

If you sell an application or service and want to add PDF support, try our PDF SDK. Many industry-leading software developers already rely on our proven platform and robust tools. The PDF SDK is comprehensive and offers everything from PDF creation to import, editing, viewing, and manipulation of PDF object data in applications.

Modular PDF SDK Framework

License just the features you need. The PDF SDK framework offers complete capabilities for creation and conversion and the custom functions really make our PDF SDK stand apart. These API calls allow direct access to all PDF object data to map to your format or modify.

  • PDF Conversion SDK - Add PDF Import, View, and Edit functions.

  • PDF Creation SDK - Generate dynamic PDF, merge, mark, stamp, and change PDF files.

  • PDF Objects SDK - Access all object data in PDF files, map PDF to your native file format, create your own PDF conversion engine.

A few references are below. For an example of our PDF API integration, see the video from ProgeCAD. If you want to explore an OEM relationship, please contact us today.

Private Label pdf2cad

The PDF Conversion SDK includes a plug-and-play PDF to DWG and DXF desktop application that's easily customized. Create your own private label version of pdf2cad in an afternoon. Contact us today to discuss how you can get started.

Meet some of the OEM's that use our technology in their products...


OEM Partners are hardware and software companies that embed our technology in their products.

PDF API for ODA Members

Premium PDF SDK for ODA Members Open Design Alliance members have two options for adding PDF support – PDFium and the ODA PdfModuleVI. As an open-source solution, PDFium is free to ODA members. It adds PDF underlay and point snapping to your application. The ODA PdfModuleVI relies on the advanced PDF libraries from Visual Integrity. The complete framework includes hooks for
Rich, Multi-Platform PDF API for Conversion, Creation and Object Access Visual Integrity® has upgraded its three PDF SDK’s. Together, the PDF Conversion SDK, PDF Creation SDK and Custom PDF SDK provide a robust, multi-platform, set of PDF libraries for Windows, OS X and Linux developers. The SDK’s can be used to open and edit PDF

PDF Support on the ODA Platform

The Open Design Alliance offers PDF Support and Underlay features based on Visual Integrity’s PDF SDK Libraries. This framework can be extended to add PDF Import/Edit, Creation and Conversion to your application. It can also be used for deep access to PDF object data. ODA Members receive a $500 rebate when extending the ODA PDF

Import PDF in DesignCAD

Cogistem uses the PDF Conversion SDK to add PDF Import and Edit functionality to DesignCAD enabling customers to open and edit PDF files while in the program.  The PDF feature is accessible from the main DesignCAD toolbar. Grouped with other plug-in features, Import PDF opens computer-generated PDF files (not for scanned drawings) so they can

Import PDF in TurboCAD

Import PDF in TurboCAD and DesignCAD IMSI Design is a Visual Integrity OEM partner. They offer pdf2cad™ so customers can import PDF in TurboCAD. It also works with DesignCAD and other programs in IMSI/Design’s wide range of products. In fact, Cogistem, the French DesignCAD partner, has been integrating pdf2cad into the French version of DesignCAD

SDL XPP Adds EPS Support

SDL, a leader in Global Information Management, chose Visual Integrity to enhance their high-performing XML Professional Publisher (XPP) with support for encapsulated PostScript input (EPS).  

ZWCAD Bundles pdf2cad

ZWCAD 2017 provides a cost-effective solution for the entire CAD workflow, from the very beginning to the very end of your projects, with innovative, collaborative, and customizable features. pdf2cad adds a valuable feature to the mix by enabling you to open and edit PDF files in ZWCAD. ZWCAD is committed to providing the most reliable


GstarCAD builds add-on using CAD SDK Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd develops 2D and 3D CAD software and solutions for the AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, civil, survey and mapping engineering industries. With more than 18 years of technology innovation and practical application, GstarCAD software is dedicated to providing the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible CAD software
The best-selling PDF to DWG converter is now available as a BricsCAD plug-in. For more than 25 years, CAD users have relied on pdf2cad to transform PDF files into editable CAD drawings. Now, with pdf2bricscad, PDF drawings open right inside BricsCAD, ready for immerdiate modification. pdf2bricscad is a plug-in for BricsCAD which opens PDF-based drawings.

TwinView Edit and TrueDTP

cad2cad depends on Visual Integrity’s PDF to DXF engine cad2cad Software develops CAD conversion and visualization products such as TwinView Edit and TrueDTP in the European market. They are especially well known for data conversion. Many large companies, as well as engineering, architecture and drawing offices, have opted for their accuracy and reliability of cad2cad’s