SVG Financial Charts

SVG in the Financial Arena

SVG is the ideal format for financial charting. As a vector format, it’s responsive and looks great no matter how large or small the display. SVG charts can be static or interactive making them ideal for a variety of applications. As the only vector graphic standard for the Web, it’s the obvious choice for cloud apps. SVG is superior to bitmap images like JPEG and PNG which lose quality when enlarged. Since they are XML files, SVG is easy to read. You can change style and attributes with any text editor.

Creating SVG Charts

Some products that output SVG for the web are Wolfram, Stata and FusionCharts. In addition, you can create SVG from any program that produces PDF using Visual Integrity’s PDF Conversion Server. It will process any PDF, EPS or AI file and produce SVG. If you want to manually convert PDF to SVG, try pdf2picture.

SVG Examples

Following are two SVG examples of financial charts. For both of them, try zooming in and out. No matter the size, you’ll notice the responsive design. The look the same when large and small. There’s none of the erosion or pixelation you see with bitmap images. To learn more about vector and raster graphics, read The Difference Between Vector and Raster PDF Files.

.To zoom in and out on Mac, use command + and command –, On Windows, use ctrl + and ctrl –

If you can not see the SVG image below, please upgrade your browser. All of the latest browsers support SVG.

SVG financial chart GDP Growth

SVG Financial Chart Thomson Reuters Datastream