Current pdf2cad Version

The current versions of pdf2cad are:

  • pdf2cad v12.2021 released in April 2021 for Microsoft Windows

  • pdf2cad v11.0.12, released in December 2019 for Mac OS X Catalina.

How to find your current pdf2cad version number

If you do not know your current version of pdf2cad, launch the software. Click “Cancel” to bypass the file selection screen. Then, select the box with two arrows in the lower left of the window. Once it opens, it will inform you of your version and build number. If you do not have the latest build, you can Upgrade.

Advantage Support Subscribers get a free upgrade to v12 along with all other subscriber benefits. These perks include updates, upgrades, new versions, replacement software and support as needed. Access your Advantage Support account on our web-site and download the latest version . If you purchased a from a reseller such as IMSI Design, Novedge, Component Source, Autodesk or Apple, please contact us to set-up an account

Purchase Protection

If you bought pdf2cad v11 after June 1, 2019, you qualify for to a free upgrade to v12. We will contact you with details on how to access your upgrade. if you don’t hear from us, we may have outdated contact information for you or you purchased from a reseller. In these cases. please contact us.