How to Convert PDF to BricsCAD

Although BricsCAD does not have a built-in feature to open and edit PDF files, it can be accomplished with a plug-in from Visual integrity. In order to complete this tutorial, How to Convert PDF to BricsCAD, you need to install the 30-day trial version, or purchase a license, of PDF2BricsCAD. Run the installation program and then locate the .lsp file. usually, this is in \Program Files\pdf2bricscad\. This file is required to install the PDFIN command in Bricsys in the first step below.

Edit PDF in BricsCAD in 3 Easy Steps

Time to Complete 10 minutes

  1. Add the PDFIN Command to BricsCAD

    Open BricsCAD and navigate to the Manage menu. Click on Load Application. Once this screen appears, add the pdf2bricscad.lsp file that is located in c:\Visual Integrity\pdf2bricsCAD

  2. Run PDFIN from the Command-Line and Select PDF file

    Once the application is loaded, it’s ready to run via the command-line. Type pdfin. This prompts the PDF file selection screen to open. Pick the PDF file that you want to work on and click Open.

  3. Use BricsCAD Tools to Edit Converted Drawing

    The PDF file appears on your screen ready for editing with all the familiar BricsCAD tools. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us.