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Edit PDF objects, layers and text, with PDF2BricsCAD


PDF2BricsCAD installs for immediate command-line use. Just enter the pdfin command, select the file, and begin editing. Modify all objects, text, layers, attributes, and scale. It couldn't be easier to edit PDF drawings in BricsCAD.

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pdf2cad powers our plugins for AutoCAD and BricsCAD. Other CAD developers like GstarCAD, ProgeCAD, and Graebert use our CAD SDK to add PDF import and edit to their CAD systems. Can you open and edit PDF in your CAD program? 


Use PDF2BricsCAD to Open and Edit PDF Drawings

Save hours of redraw time! Use pdf2bricscad to transform vector PDF files into editable BricsCAD drawings. To start, run pdfin from the BricsCAD command-line and select a PDF file when prompted. Within moments, an accurate and editable drawing appears on-screen, ready to modify. All objects, text, attributes, and scale can be changed. 

pdf2bricscad is ideal for converting computer-generated PDF drawings, floor-plans, network diagrams, and organization charts. It extracts editable CAD entities. PDF2BricsCAD is not for use with scanned drawings, or raster PDF files. For these files, the scanned image saves as a tracing layer. 

pdf2bricscad is available as a plug-in for Windows versions of BricsCAD. Try it free or send us a test file, and we’ll do the conversion for you. It just takes one file to see whether pdf2bricsad saves you time and money. Try it either way today!

Learn more about The Difference Between Vector and Raster PDF Files

The key to a successful conversion is to know what type of PDF file you have. There are two types - vector PDF and raster PDF. If the PDF file was computer-generated, it is probably a vector PDF file that returns accurate, scalable, editable vector objects, and text. If the PDF file is a scanned drawing, pdf2bricscad produces a reliable tracing layer


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PDF2BricsCAD is available both from Visual integrity and via the BricsCAD Application Store. It's a Lisp routine that installs as a new command, pdfin. Once invoked, the PDF drawing can be selected and will open, ready to edit.
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pdf2cad is the flagship of our CAD series and all of the plug-ins and add-ins are derived from it. It offers every feature and advanced option you could need plus batch and multi-page features. Learn More...

Frequently asked questions about PDF2BricsCAD

There are two types of PDF files - vector and raster. Any PDF file saved by a software program, printer to file, or exported as PDF will be in the vector format. Data is present about all of the objects and text. Scanned drawings are raster PDF files and have no data to extract. they are just flat, bitmap images. Our software is designed to extract all the content from vector PDF files. To learn more:

The Difference Between Vector and Raster PDF Files

Problems Converting Scanned PDF Files to CAD

Extracting Data and Text from PDF Files

When a PDF is generated with SHX or shape fonts, it is saved as a series of pen strokes that combine to look like the character it represents. There's no detail retained about the character, its point size, or font name. All we can do is convert it to a graphic that is a perfect replica but is not editable. Most CAD programs also support TrueType fonts which carry over all their information to the PDF file. When these are converted, the text will be editable as MTEXT in the resulting CAD file.

Learn more about CAD text - TrueType fonts vs SHX text.