What’s New in pdf2cad v12

pdf2cad v12 is a major new release with improvements in many areas. A list of the highlights can be found below. If you have questions or need more detail on any of them, please email us or use the contact form. Review the list below to see what’s new in pdf2cad v12.

The PDF to DWG, DXF and HPGL format specific features have all been strengthened. Already best-in-class, new options center around security and layers.

Upgrades are available for all customers of v11 or earlier. A valid serial number is required to order. If you don’t know your serial number, please contact us with information about when and where you purchased your license. We’ll look it up for you. If you purchased from a reseller, we’ll provide a Visual Integrity serial number that enables the upgrade and is your customer number with us.

Key New Features in pdf2cad v12


New automatic Horizontal and Vertical Flip options when converting PDF drawing.

PDF to CAD rotate drawing

DWG support for merging all pages in a Multipage PDF file to one drawing. Pages can also be Horizontally or Vertically aligned.

Merge multiple PDF into one CAD drawing

DWG support for password protected PDF files.

Convert PDF to CAD password protected files


Added transparency fill support DXF/DWG format.

PDF to CAD transparency support

Scaling factor and support of Circle/Ellipse added to HPGL output.


Automatic font name mapping engine This handles font-name mismatches so you never notice them. More about font handling

Support of condensed text functionality in DXF/DWG


PDF layers selection option to convert

what's new in pdf2cad layer support

Convert objects of each PDF layer to a separate file.


More advanced options for handling image objects. If a file contains a lot of small images, they can be ignored in order to make editing easier and file size smaller.

what's new in pdf2cad object handling


Z-Order refers to the order of overlapping objects. The order in the PDF file is the default. You can place images at the back or reversed at the back of the drawing. This is useful when PDF images are transparent since IMAGE objects in DWG or DXF are opaque.


DWG and DXF don’t support image cropping. Using this option is useful with small cropped images. It converts them to color lines and crops them that way.


Option to convert connected LINE objects to one POLYOBJECT

What’s New with pdf2cad v12 System Requirements

– 64-bit only; 32-bit version retired with v11

– Supports latest operating system releases including Windows 10.0 and Mac OS X Catalina

PDF 2.0 support