v14 of PDF2PICTURE, PDF2CAD and PDF FLY Released

9 Oct 2023

Released on 15 September 2023, version 14 of our suite of PDF converters includes a redesigned user interface with numerous new features. Products include PDF2PICTURE, PDF2CAD, and PDF FLY, a suite for professionals that includes all input and output options.

Highlights of the new capabilities include:

  • Major user interface redesign to separate Conversion Options and Output Format Settings into more simplified and context-sensitive groups.
  • Extract pages of a PDF file with PDFFLY
  • Added JPEG, PNG, and TIFF output formats to PDF2CAD
  • Added transparency fill for SVG and DWG/DXF format.
  • Supports transparent images (alpha channel) for SVG and DWG/DXF format
  • Select PDF layers to convert for all output formats
  • Added Text output to PDF FLY\
  • Keeps placement of text strings in PDF tables and forms.
  • New options to overwrite fill and line color for vector and text objects.
  • Recognizes pattern fills and replaces with a gray fill.
  • New DXF/DWG Line weight option for PDF2CAD
  • New CGM profile options for PDF FLY

A 7-day evalaution version is available upon request. Send an e-mail to info@visual-integrity.com and specify which product you want to evaluate.

An e-mail will be sent to all customers soon with more details on upgrade options and how to update their software.