PDF2CAD, PDF2PICTURE and PDF FLY v14.2024 Release

7 May 2024

Enhanced Conversion Options and Output Formats added across the board.

Visual Integrity is proud to announce Version 14.2024, a significant update to our flagship PDF conversion programs, PDF2CAD, PDF2PICTURE, and PDF FLY. This update offers users an unparalleled experience in PDF conversion and manipulation.

The latest iteration brings a host of new features and enhancements, focusing on Conversion Options and Output Format Settings to cater to the diverse needs of our users. Here are some key highlights of the update:

Enhanced Conversion Options:

  • Extract pages from PDF files with ease.
  • Select specific PDF layers for conversion across all supported output formats.
  • Introducing a sophisticated Automatic Font Name Mapping Engine for improved text conversion accuracy.
  • New Text Output functionality preserves the placement of text strings within PDF tables and forms.

Expanded Output Formats:

  • Introducing support for JPEG, PNG, and TIFF output formats in addition to existing vector capabilities in PDF2CAD.
  • Added transparency fill support for SVG and DWG/DXF formats, including transparency for images with alpha channels.
  • New options to overwrite fill/line colors of vector objects and text objects, providing greater customization control.
  • Recognize and replace pattern fills with gray fills for improved output clarity.
  • Merge ranges of pages into a single DXF/DWF file for streamlined workflows.
  • Enhanced DXF/DWG Line Weight options and CGM profile selections for precision and flexibility.

This major update provides users with enhanced capabilities and flexibility in PDF conversion, underscoring our commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that streamline workflows and elevate productivity across industries including architecture, engineering, and design.

About Visual Integrity:

Visual Integrity is a leading provider of innovative PDF conversion and manipulation software solutions. Focusing on user-centric design and cutting-edge technology, we strive to empower businesses and professionals worldwide to unlock the full potential of their PDF documents, especially those with graphics.

For more information about PDF2CAD, PDF2PICTURE, and PDF FLY, please visit visual-integrity.com.