SVG Network Diagram

Use SVG for Responsive Design

SVG Network Diagrams are flexible and responsive. They look great no matter the screen size. SVG is a great format for printing, editing and sharing online. Since it’s XML, the files are in plain English so attributes can be easily modified.

Automate Processes with SVG

SVG stores metadata which helps with index. search and interaction with other applications. It also supports scripting and animation as well as file creation from data. Automate workflows by linking network diagrams to external data sources like spreadsheets or databases. These solutions are for everything from simple diagramming to visualizing major business processes.

Solutions for Creating SVG Network Diagrams

Using software for creating network diagrams is much easier than a pen and paper. Today’s programs create flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, charts, floor plans, and engineering designs. Each program comes with templates, pre-defined shapes, and symbols. Some offer collaboration services.Visio is the most popular application for creating and maintaining network diagrams. Available on desktops and in the cloud, Visio can open and save files in the SVG format. There are also several web applications which use SVG as their native format. Examples are LucidChart, Gliffy, and
Using pdf2picture, any computer-generated PDF file transforms into an SVG diagram. It’s also possible to open PDF files within Visio with the Insert PDF in Visio add-in.

SVG Network Diagram Example

To zoom in and out on Mac, use command + and command –, On Windows, use ctrl + and ctrl –
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SVG Network Diagram