Transform PDF files into Web and Print Images

pdf2image-400x400xCreate perfect images from PDFs

pdf2image can extract images from a PDF files or convert entire documents into the perfect format for your project. Choose from PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP and TIFF. with pdf2image, you'll produce high-fidelity images ideal for publishing on websites or for use in applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher® and Microsoft PowerPoint®.

pdf2image is very intuitive. All you need to do is select your file, choose whether you want to convert entire pages or extract individual images and then convert.

Enhance your office documents, newsletters, emails or your websites with images that are just the right size and resolution. Web publishers can choose from JPEG, GIF and PNG for crisp display or email broadcast. Microsoft Office users can add high-fidelity images to their presentations, reports, brochures, bulletins and other works


Features in pdf2image

  • Convert PDF files into the most useful image formats – JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF and BMP
  • Ideal for website graphics
  • Accurately reproduces graphics, text and layout of PDF pages with high-fidelity even at lower resolutions
  • Options to set dimensions or resolution at time of conversion
  • Remembers last-used settings
  • User-definable options to add numeric suffixes to organize multi-page files
  • Advanced anti-aliasing for text sharpening
  • Cropping to remove margins
  • Improved reporting on errors and warnings
  • Streamlined interface for faster and easier conversions
  • Adobe software not required
  • Noise correction
  • Choose compression to reduce file size
  • Converts multi-page PDF to multiple single-page Web images
  • Upgrades available to launch via command-line, batch file or watch folder
  • Optional SDK for API/DLL access to conversion engine

Platforms & compatibility

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit OS in 32-bit compatibility mode). Certified for Windows Vista® and Windows 7.
  • Easy wizard-style Windows interface
  • Supports all levels of PDF through the current Adobe® PDF specification
  • Images produced are compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint, Word, Publisher, Excel®, Visio most other applications that import images.

Tutorial: Using pdf2image for Windows

This tutorial assumes that you have already installed pdf2image on your Windows PC and that you can access it from the Start Menu, Desktop or Quick Launch Ribbon. Choose your preferred method and launch pdf2image.

Launch pdf2image and choose the files to convert:


Select Conversion Options and Output Format


The General Settings control options that apply to all files. These include choices for how you want text to be converted in your file.

Images or Pages? - Make an initial choice between extracting individual graphics or converting entire pages by selecting Convert PDF file to images (whole pages) or Extract Images from PDF file (images).

Dots per Inch (images): Renders the image with a defined resolution in dots per inch. Some useful settings to choose are 600 or 1200 dpi for offset printing, 300 dpi for high-quality office printing, 150 dpi for everyday office printing and 96 or 72 dpi for Web images.

Width or Height of Image: You can force the size based on target dimensions. In order to maintain aspect ratio (scale), you must enter a number in either width or height and pdf2image will calculate the correct dimension to ensure perfect scaling.

Image Size - When Extract Images from PDF file is selected, you can choose the minimum height or width of the resulting images.

Choose Image Format: Choices are JPEG, PNG, GIG, BMP and TIFF.



Crop Picture: Remove Margin: By default, the margins of the PDF file are used. This setting can adjust or remove white space.

Page Size: pdf2image will automatically figure out the page size. If you want to force a standard or custom page size, select it or enter dimensions.

Convert Range: pdf2image, by default, will convert all pages of a file. You can set a page range if you only want selected pages.


Image Quality Factor: 100 will give the highest quality image. Lowering this number will decrease file size which may be desirable. A few tests to see the trade-off are recommended if file size is a constraint.

Color Model: Custom or Naive

Rotation: Rotate right or rotate left during conversion.

Color-Depth: Set the color depth for the image. Supports 1-bit, 8-bit and 24-bit for BMP, 8-bit and 24-bit for PNG and 1-bit b&w, 1-bit b&w FAX, 8-bit colormap and 24-bit color for TIFF.

CMK: If selected, a CMYK version of JPEG or TIFF files will be created.

Multipage TIFF: If selected, a multipage TIFF file will be created. otherwise, a separate TIFF file is created for each page.

GIF Transparency: Option to make background color (default is white) transparent for Web graphics.


Convert the file! That’s it...



The converted files will be in your file system, usually in the same folder as the original file. You can now open them in your application. At this point, you can choose New Conversion to perform more operations or Exit the application.

“We use pdf2image to publish our store specials each week – nothing else we tried came close for sharpness or clarity. The support has been fantastic!”, John Lucci, Lucci’s Market

Lucci’s Market performs weekly conversion of the store specials received from their distributor in PDF format. With a quick run through pdf2image, the specials are instantly pumped to an online web page and sent out in a promotional email to loyal customers.