IMPORTANT! The PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin is a plug-in and requires an Autodesk application to run

Open and Edit PDF files from within AutoCAD


Enjoy complete PDF editing control in AutoCAD. The PDFin plugin opens PDF files in AutoCAD and other Autodesk applications. It’s not a PDF viewer or underlay. It extracts a fully editable drawing from any computer-generated PDF file.

The PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin opens a PDF drawing in one step. It's accessed via an AutoCAD toolbar icon or command line. PDFin opens all computer generated PDF files. These are vector PDF files created using save, export or print-to-file on a computer. PDFin is unable to extract drawings from scanned drawings or hand drawings.

Change all objects and attributes. Text is editable as MTEXT. If text was “plotted” as pen strokes, the text will appear as graphics, but is not editable. The PDFin plug-in is not designed for scanned drawings and other raster PDF files. These raster PDF files have lost all information needed to extract a useful drawing.

The PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin opens a single page from a PDF file. If you need advanced options, look at pdf2cad. It handles multi-page conversions, support for layers, custom rotation and other advanced options.

We are proud to be one of the first suppliers of plug-ins for the Autodesk Exchange Apps. Click to try PDFin or learn more about plugins available for Autodesk customers.

Features in the PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin - PDFin

  • Open PDF drawings in AutoCAD
  • Tight integration with AutoCAD
  • Operates via AutoCAD command line (pdfin), menus and ribbon toolbar
  • Generates editable objects, attributes and MTEXT
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Combines characters to form editable words and lines of text
  • Plotted text renders as non-editable WYSIWYG objects
  • Fonts matched or substituted when font is not installed on system
  • Real-time feedback reporting of messages, warnings and errors
  • Streamlined interface for fast, easy conversions
  • IMPORTANT! PDFin is a plug-in and requires an Autodesk application to run

Tutorial: Using PDFin for AutoCAD

Double-click to install the PDFin plugin. Open AutoCAD or another compatible Autodesk program. The PDFin plug-in runs in two ways – either via command line or from the Toolbar.

PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin PDFIN command line

To run via Command Line, type “pdfin”.

The PDF to DWG AutoCAD plugin toolbar with PDFin plugin icon

To run via the Toolbar, select the icon. You may need to add it if you have a customized interface. Once the PDFin icon appears on the Toolbar Ribbon, you can use it to open any vector PDF file in AutoCAD.


Select the PDF file to open.

Wait for the conversion complete. Click OK and view the PDF file in AutoCAD.

PDFin AutoCAD PDF to DWG plugin example

Once the file appears on screen, edit the objects and text as needed.

PDFin for AutoCAD

PDFin is a plug-in which requires AutoCAD or another Autodesk program which supports the Autoloader API.