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Complete PDF Conversion Suite for Drawings, Diagrams , and Charts. Perfect for Tech Writers.

PDF FLY version 12

PDF FLY v12 was released in March 2020. The current build is 12.2020.3 . For more than 25 years, it's been the professional's choice for working with graphics-based PDF content in technical documentation and applications. Available for purchase or on an annual subscription plan.

What's New in PDF FLY?

PDF FLY v12 adds a number of new features for both vector and image modes. PDF and text extraction are new output formats and, there's a new automatic font mapping capability. For a more detailed overview of v12, see What's New in PDF FLY v12?

Visio® & PowerPoint®

We have two new Microsoft Office plug-ins for you to explore. Both open PDFs for editing at the text and object level. Free 15-day Trial

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PDF FLY - The Professional's Choice

Convert PDF to vector and image formats with PDF FLY. It's a complete suite of vector and bitmap converters in one easy to use program. Transform PDF, PostScript, and EPS files into standard formats like DWG, SVG, WMF, EPS, PNG, JPEG, and TIF. Using it saves time, improves quality, and streamlines workflow. Transform drawings, diagrams, and illustrations, all with one great product. Perfect for technical writers and other graphics professionals.

All modules include intelligent filter options ensuring a perfect match with the original file. Compensation for format incompatibilities is one of many advanced features. Also, single file, batch, and watch-folder support ensure the best approach for your workflow.

Engineering, technical writing, and illustration departments count on PDF FLY for flawless conversions. For cross-industry customers, PDF FLY saves time and enables new PDF workflows. In short, If you need to convert PDF to vector and image formats, PDF FLY provides all the power you'll need.

Nested Groups

Advanced logic groups elements that belong together. These compound objects can be easily selected, moved, copied, and edited.

Advanced Layers

Vector drawings and diagrams may use layers. Convert these based on line weight, color, spot color, PDF layers or no layers. Combinations of color and line weight are also possible.

Intelligent Text

PDF FLY extracts all searchable text and renders it as editable words and text strings. Missing or mismatched fonts are automatically mapped or substituted for the best WYSIWG display.

Object Recognition

PDF FLY intuitively connects individual elements to form shapes. A series of arcs becomes an ellipse and a set of lines a polygon.

The Most Output Options

PDF FLY is the professional's choice for its versatility. Outputs vector, image, and text formats so you have the ideal format every time.

API & Commend Line

Our PDF Conversion SDK and Command-Line Servers are perfect for developers, systems integrators and OEMs.

More Features in PDF FLY

  • Convert one file or multiple files at the same time
  • Process all pages or specify a page rage
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Rotate to any degree
  • Combines characters to form editable words and lines of text
  • Option to ignore text, images or paths during conversion
  • Specify minimum line width
  • Separates layers based on color, line-weight, PDF definition and more
  • Dashed/dotted lines as segments
  • Easy Windows “Wizard” interface selects files, set options and converts in 3 easy steps
  • Outputs industry-standard vector output formats, editable at the text and object level. Formats include PDF, EPS, SVG, WMF, EMF, DXF, PostScript, HPGL, CGM, MIF
  • Generates high-fidelity images for Web and office including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIFF. Offers custom resolution settings for print or screen display
  • Options to map, reference, substitute or outline Type 1 and TrueType fonts. Compensates for font mismatches between source and target systems
  • Batch tools (PDF Conversion Server) and developer DLL available (PDF Conversion SDK). Linux and UNIX versions offer a command-line interface.

Format & Platform Support


  • SVG for XML and the Web
  • PDF for creating and extracting pages
  • EPS and PostScript
  • DWG and DXF for CAD/CAM/CNC
  • HPGL for CAD plotting and viewing
  • WMF for Microsoft Office
  • EMF for Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows printing
  • CGM for tech pubs and engineering
  • MIF for FrameMaker


  • TIFF for imaging, archiving, faxing, printing
  • GIF, PNG and JPEG for the Web or office
  • BMP for Microsoft Windows applications


  • Extract text with placement
  • Text for index, search and processing
  • Stripped text
  • ASCII preview
  • Full Unicode support




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PDF Conversion Options

  • PDF FLY Perpetual License
  • $249
    per One-Time Purchase
  • PDF FLY v12 License
  • Upgrades for a Fee
  • Optional Annual Advantage Support for $59 per year