pdf2picture v12 Upgrade


Read What’s New in pdf2picture v12

Upgrade any version of pdf2picture to v12. A valid serial number required. In addition to this standard upgrade, pdf2picture is also available as an annual subscription.

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pdf2picture v12 Upgrade

pdf2picture v12 is available now. Read What’s New. In addition to the standard upgrade, pdf2picture v12 is also available as an annual subscription. With the subscription, you have on-demand access to all updates, upgrades, and new versions as well as support and replacement software.

Highlights – pdf2picture v12

The new automatic font mapping engine ensures output matches the original PDF file as closely as possible. It neutralizes font names across systems. To learn more about font issues, see Fonts and Font Mapping Issues. Other advances can be found in page handling, transparency, color support and object grouping. pdf2picture now supports PDF 2.0 support and is fully compatible with the ISO 32000-2 specification.

What Version is your current pdf2picture?

If you do not know your version, launch the software and click “Cancel” to bypass the file selection screen. Click on the box with two arrows in the lower left of the window. It will inform you of your version and build number. pdf2picture v12 find version number    

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