PDF Objects SDK

Access PDF Page Contents

Most PDF API's only parse a document at page and print level. The PDF Objects SDK is unique. It goes deeper. It looks at all the objects on a page and makes them available to developers to work with. This powerful PDF object-level control is a game-changer. It delivers an array of new possibilities for processing PDFs. Combine it with our PDF Conversion and PDF Creation SDK's for the ultimate in PDF control and manipulation. You can also use the object display list to map PDF to you own format or create your own conversion engine.

The PDF Objects SDK treats page contents as a list of objects whose values and attributes can change. Read, write, edit, and create page contents which contain fonts, images, vector objects, and so on. All objects are independent of each other. Each object includes all the relevant information about itself. For example, text objects contain details about their font attributes. Objects layer in the order they appear in the display list. Using the PDF Objects SDK, you can change the appearance of a page and then resave it as a PDF. You can also create pages from scratch.

Parse and access object data within all PDF versions, including ISO standard, PDF 2.0. For Open Design Alliance members, the SDK includes source code to create the ODA OdDbDatabase in memory of a given PDF page.

The PDF Objects SDK is very flexible and easy to integrate into your app. Please contact us to discuss your project to see if the PDF Objects SDK is a good fit for you. We'll set you up with a free evaluation and help you with the test integration.

Examples Using PDF Object Data Access

  • Search and extract specific objects from a PDF page
  • Add direct support for your own format without a conversion step
  • Import object data without a conversion step into your application
  • Search object geometry data
  • Find text object strings
  • Perform operations on object data
  • Delete object data
  • Change attributes of object data
  • Extract image objects like JPEG files.
  • Snapping

PDF Objects SDK Pricing

  • PDF Objects SDK

    Starting at $699/Year
    Access all object data (elements,, attributes, layers, etc) in PDFs for processing or modification. Map PDF to your own native format.
  • Deployment Licenses

    Starting at $0/Year
    Each PDF Objects SDK comes with 50 Deployment Licenses. These are required for each end-user version of your app that is delivered. Volume discounts are automatically calculated.