PDF Conversion Server for
Command-Line Automation

Choose Command Line or API

Use command-line scripting and watch folders to automate your PDF conversions or choose the API (DLL) for a programmatic interface.

Multi-platform PDF Support

Operates across 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X and Linux distributions including RedHat and Ubuntu. Reliable and field-tested for more than 25 years.

From Workgroup to Enterprise

Perfect for workgroup and departamental workflows using watch folders as well as large-scale enterprise automation projects.We've seen it all.

All the Help You Need

With more than 100 PDF conversion options, we are confident that the PDF Conversion Server can handle anything. We'll work with you to ensure a tight and optimal integration.

Vector Specialists

We are experts in generating all major vector formats including SVG, WMF, EMF, EPS, DWG, DXF, HPGL, CGM and PDF. Image formats include TIFF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and DIB. Extract text, including Unicode.

No Printer Driver

Many solutions rely on this intermediate step which is a big drag on performance and reduces the integrity of your results. Not us!

To convert foo.pdf to foo.svg - run: pdf2xxx foo.pdf foo.svg

Here's How the PDF Conversion Server Works

Choose Input Format

Input formats supported on the command line are PDF, PostScript, EPS and AI

Select Output Format

The Conversion Server is capable of producing vector formats, bitmap images and text from the PDF, PS, EPS and AI. Output formats include PDF, WMF, EMF, EPS, SVG, DWG, DXF, HPGL, CGM, PostScript, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and Unicode text.

Ensure Fonts are Mapped

A common trap for conversions is a font mismatch. Due to licensing issues, fonts can not be embedded in documents. They can be mapped or substituted. Take care in this area to ensure perfect results.


A sample .ini file is provided with the command-line tool. It can be used as a base to understand the many options and to tailor them to your needs.

Download the PDF Conversion Server

Test PDF conversion quality using PDF FLY, our desktop program or via shell commands. Both are included in the download. We recommend that you send a test file so we can ensure optimal settings.

Set up the PDF Conversion Server

Once installed, activate the command-line interface by adding the installation path of PDF FLY to your %path% variable. Edit the Options file (*.ini) by choosing from more than 60 custom conversion settings.

Launch the PDF Conversion Server

Test the integration and contact us if you have any issues. To convert PDF files, run pdf2xxx (Options file is pdf2xxx.ini). To convert PS or EPS files, run ps2xxx (Options file is ps2xxx.ini).

Conversion Without Compromise Since 1993

We've been at this a long time and have a lot to show for it. Battle-tested, mature core technology, more than 10,000 satisfied customers around the globe and a comprehensive array of products for everyone from Office 365 users to enterprise developers and system integrators.

There are plenty of 'wanna be's" out there who say they can convert PDF into editable graphics formats, but, just download their evals and you'll see. They can't. When we convert PDF, we convert everything that can be converted - objects, text, attributes and layers. We give you access to all the geometry and logic in the file as well as the fonts. Mostly, they'll just give you a bitmap image and call it a day. That's just not good enough. As  devices proliferate, you want to be using searchable vector formats that scale and look great on any size device.

The PDF Conversion Server is ideal for digital archival, compliance and regulatory applications, workflow automation, web and print publishing, on-demand services as well as text extraction for generating statements and checks. Try it today.

PDF Conversion Server Pricing

  • CAD Server

    Starting at $699/Year
    Convert PDF to DXF, DWG or HPGL using the Command-line
  • SVG Server

    Starting at $699/Year
    The PDF Conversion Server generates SVG files that are a perfect match. CLI.
  • Metafile Server

    Starting at $699/Year
    Generate WMF and EMF from PDF pages. Command-Line.
  • Image Server

    Starting at $699/Year
    Convert PDF to image formats via command line (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF)
  • Text & Data Extraction Server

    Starting at $699/year
    Extract text, tables and data from any PDF document in Unicode or ISO formats.