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PDF Components for Developers and Integrators

You Can Trust Visual integrity, the PDF Experts

For more than 25 years, Visual integrity has been developing solutions based on PDF and vector graphics. As a result, you won't find more comprehensive, high-performance tools like ours anywhere else. If you're looking to add PDF import to your application, generate editable vector graphics and bitmap images, or, you're trying to automate a high-volume PDF or PostScript conversion workflow, you've arrived at the right place. 

We have developed a robust PDF API and command-lime framework proven in the field and battle-tested by the most demanding customers over the past few decades.

All of our products are compliant with the latest industry standards including PDF 2.0. All of this real-life experience has resulted in a flexible, optimized conversion engine that can drive process automation as well as extend functionality in enterprise or commercial applications and services. The same engine is found at the core of everything we produce, both development tools and end-user products.

Visual Integrity's Products are built using our PDF SDK Components...

Imagine all you can do with these tools!

  • Import and edit PDF files in CAD/CAM applications
  • Support PDF input in Laser Cutting Systems
  • Extract text from PDF print streams
  • Convert PDF to SVG for the Web

  • Create PDF from databases, forms and reports
  • Add stamps or watermarks
  • Add, extract, split, merge and combine pages
  • Optimize PDF
  • Redaction and compliance projects
  • Create PDF from scratch

  • Search for objects and text strings 
  • Map your file format directly to PDF
  • Change object attributes on a page
  • Extract or delete objects such as images
  • Convert PDF to SVG for the Web

  • Large scale (or small) PDF conversion
  • Convert PDF to image archival formats
  • PDF conversion with watch folders
  • Extract plain text files from PDF documents

No Dependencies on 3rd Parties

No Adobe Libraries
No GhostScript Libraries
No Printer Drivers

This independence translates directly into lower costs, better performance, improved security and increased accuracy

None of our developer tools require any third-party libraries or components. All of our programs are completely self-contained and depend on our powerful API and conversion engine fine-tuned over more than 25 years.

We also don't use any intermediate steps or brokers which impact both speed and the integrity of the results. Everything that you need to use will be including in your delivery download.

Overview of Visual Integrity's PDF SDK Framework

Visual Integrity PDF SDK Framework


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Explore the API Options

Visual integrity PDF API Options

Examples of PDF Projects using the API or Command Line


  • Generate dynamic PDF reports from data
  • Import and edit PDF into CAD systems
  • Open and modify PDF in Microsoft Office
  • Embed PDF features in your application without the presence of Adobe Acrobat
  • Projects with consistent, reliable cross-platform support across Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Create and assemble PDF documents from scratch using data, text, objects and attributes
  • Annotate PDF with highlights, stamps, comments and other markups
  • Watermark PDF documents with images or text
  • Create PDF viewer for your application or service
  • Convert PDF to vector formats with all data intact - text, fonts, vector graphics and images
  • Change PDF documents by splitting, inserting, deleting, rearranging, combining, cropping and rotating pages
  • Manipulate PDF pages by adding and removing text and object content
  • Convert PDF to SVG (vector) for web applications and viewers
  • Optimize PDF for web viewing
  • Integrate with PDF rights management systems
  • Search and redact sensitive information in legal documents
  • Bates Numbering


  • Develop PDF solutions for both desktop and server environments
  • PDF support in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Document archival and normalization
  • Search and extract specific objects from a PDF page
  • Map PDF to your file format to import ad change PDF in your application
  • Import object data without a conversion step into your application
  • Search object geometry data
  • Perform operations on object data
  • Delete object data
  • Change attributes of object data
  • Snapping
  • View and render PDF
  • Provide password security in PDF
  • Use PDF layers and grouping to provide selective viewing of content
  • High-volume, variable printing PDF workflow automation projects
  • File-to-file conversion with 100% accuracy
  • High-performance, scalable, and optimized PDF processing in any project
  • The alternative to Adobe PDF SDK Library; high performance and value pricing


  • Convert documents and serve end-users PDF files directly in the browser
  • Script PDF watch folder projects to automate document receipt, processing & routing
  • PDF 2.0 ISO 32000-2 compliance projects
  • PDF searching and indexing
  • Convert between PDF versions including PDF 2.0
  • Distill PostScript to PDF for pre-press and screen
  • Create and manipulate PDF forms
  • Add comments to PDF documents
  • Extract Unicode text from PDF with precise placement, abstract, ASA or stripped
  • Extract images from PDF documents
  • Generate full-size raster images and thumbnails of PDF pages
  • Parse documents by reading and updating PDF bookmarks (TOC), annotations and internal links
  • Extract PDF content including searchable text, hyperlinks, vector objects, font information and color
  • PDF text search pinpoints target and position
  • High-end and large format print applications

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