PDF API for ODA Members

PDF API for ODA Members

Premium PDF SDK for ODA Members

Open Design Alliance members have two options for adding PDF support – PDFium and the ODA PdfModuleVI.

As an open-source solution, PDFium is free to ODA members. It adds PDF underlay and point snapping to your application.

The ODA PdfModuleVI relies on the advanced PDF libraries from Visual Integrity. The complete framework includes hooks for PDF Creation, PDF Conversion and PDF Object Data Access. Developed over more than 25 years, you can add PDF Import, Edit, Creation and more in hours, There’s no need to assign engineers to support PDF in your application. You’ve got us!

PdfModuleVI requires an annual $500 ODA member supplement. For this fee, you receive the same features as PDFium plus hooks to add the advanced PDF features. Visual Integrity refunds this $500 fee when you subscribe to any of our advanced SDKs. Plus, you’ll receive priority support and integration assistance at no extra charge.

  • PDF Conversion SDK – Add PDF Import/Edit to your application. Or, you can create a plug-in that you can sell as a optional feautre to your customers. Either way, your customers can open PDF drawings as DWG or DXF files. all objects, attributes, layers and text are modifiable. Supports layers, scale, PDF cropping, font mapping, multi-page PDF, compound objects and more. Importing PDF is a ‘checklist’ feature that CAD users expect. You can add it in an afternoon with two library calls . Starts at $1999 per year before refund. Note: PDF Import requires vector PDF input files to produce editable output. PDF Import is not raster-to-vector software.
  • PDF Creation SDK – Generate real-time and dynamic PDF. Starts at $999 per year before refund.
  • PDF Custom SDK – Gain deep access to object data. Use the Custom SDK to work with and pre-process PDF files at the object data level. Extract, delete and add object data, change attributes, find text strings to strip or replace and search object data. Use the PDF object information in your application to enable features. Starts at $1999 per year before refund.

With two library calls, you’ll add important new PDF features to your software or service. Converted drawings will be accurate, scalable, editable and rendered with impressive speed. Key features include:

  • Just two calls to the engine plus a conversion profie.
  • Based on Visual Integrity’s proven and robust PDF SDK Framework, refined and improved over 25 years.
  • Sophisticated tuning options to enhance, compensate or improve output
  • Font mapping and substitution
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Supports separation of drawing layers based on several criteria
  • Includes PDF input plus DWG and DXF output formats. More output formats available (see below)

Supported Input and Output Formats

Input Formats
EPS, PostScript, Adobe Illustrator, WMF and EMF

Output formats

  • Vector: DWG*, DXF, SVG, WMF, EMF, CGM, PDF, EPS, PostScript, HPGL, MIF
  • Raster: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 8-bit TIFF, B&W TIFF
  • Text: Unicode, ASCII

Runtime Fees

Visual Integrity’s PDF SDK includes the right to distribute royalty-free. This limit is set by license level. Contact us for more information on license programs and pricing. Make sure you mention ODA for preferred member pricing.

* ODA members only