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DesignCAD Plug-in

Cogistem has used the FLY CAD SDK to create a plug-in for DesignCAD that enables customers to open and edit PDF files while in the program.  Located in Paris, Cogistem is responsible for the localization and sales of DesignCAD for all French-speaking European countries. For more information about the plug-in, contact

TurboCAD imports PDF

Import PDF into TurboCAD, DoubleCAD and DesignCAD

IMSI Design selected pdf2cad™ to add PDF import into their wide range of products for Windows and Macintosh. Now, engineering drawings saved as Adobe PDF files can be converted into DXF files that can be opened and edited in TurboCAD®, DoubleCAD®, DesignCAD® and other popular engineering programs.

SDL XPP Adds EPS Support

SDL, a leader in Global Information Management, chose Visual Integrity to enhance their high-performing XML Professional Publisher (XPP) with support for encapsulated PostScript input (EPS).


ZWCAD Bundles pdf2cad

ZWCAD 2017 provides a cost-effective solution for the entire CAD workflow, from the very beginning to the very end of your projects, with innovative, collaborative, and customizable features. pdf2cad adds a valuable feature to the mix by enabling you to open and edit PDF files in ZWCAD.

ZWCAD is committed to providing the most reliable and outstanding CAD/CAM solutions for its customers. Their products meet the needs of drafters across the 2D and 3D design industries, including AEC (architecture, engineering, construction), mechanics, manufactures, and electronics.

For the past eight years, ZwCAD distributors around the globe have been bundling pdf2cad with ZWCAD in order to provide great value and meet their requirement to import and edit PDF drawings. Contact your ZWCAD reseller today and ask for the ZWCAD/pdf2cad bundle!


GstarCAD builds add-on using CAD SDK

Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd develops 2D and 3D CAD software and solutions for the AEC, mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, GIS, civil, survey and mapping engineering industries. With more than 18 years of technology innovation and practical application, GstarCAD software is dedicated to providing the fast, powerful and DWG-compatible CAD software for customers and partners worldwide

GstarCAD has built our pdf2cad functionality into a tightly integrated add-on to GstarCAD called PDFtoDXF. Contact your GstarCAD reseller today and ask for GstarCAD PDFtoDXF!

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pdf2bricscad for BricsCAD


Edit PDF drawings in BricsCAD

pdf2bricscad is a dedicated plug-in for BricsCAD. Based on the proven, best-selling stand-alone pdf2cad for Windows and mac OS X, pdf2bricscad opens PDF files and renders them on-screen as editable BricsCAD drawings. All objects and text will be extracted and quickly and accurately. pdf2bricscad will successfully convert computer-generated PDF files, it is not designed to convert scanned drawings (raster PDF). These scans will be presented as an underlay or tracing layer.

As part of the Bricscad partner program, Visual Integrity has released a plugin which converts vector engineering drawings, saved as Adobe PDF files, into DXF files which can be opened and edited in Bricscad.

About BricsCAD

BricsCAD® is the powerful CAD software platform unifying the familiar feature set of native dwg with advanced 2D tools and intelligent 3D direct modeling on Windows and Linux, and this at a compelling price. BricsCAD provides Application Developers with the broad suite of APIs required to deliver advanced solutions to cost conscious customers in the AEC, GIS and mechanical CAD markets.

BricsCAD V13 software is available in Classic, Pro and Platinum editions addressing needs going from simple 2D drafting to complex 3D engineering, and now also including BIM*, mapping* and assembly functionality. The software, available in more than 15 languages, can be downloaded from the Bricsys website or obtained from a BricsCAD sales point in one of more than 70 countries worldwide.

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Learn more about pdf2bricscad on the Bricscad Site

TwinView Edit and TrueDTP

cad2cad depends on Visual Integrity’s PDF to DXF engine

cad2cad Software develops CAD conversion and visualization products such as TwinView Edit and TrueDTP in the European market. They are especially well known for data conversion. Many large companies, as well as engineering, architecture and drawing offices, have opted for their accuracy and reliability of cad2cad’s products and cad2cad depends on Visual Integrity for the PDF to DXF features.

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ProgeCAD PDF import powered by Visual Integrity.

progeCAD 2010  is the newest version of progeCAD that represents the state of the art of the IntelliCAD® evolution. The DWG support from Version 2.5 up to 2011 and the high level of compatibility with the AutoCAD®  environment and interface are only two of the key features.

ProgeCAD 2010 offers PDF Import with just one click. Their solution for this is based on the CAD SDK from Visual Integrity. Click below to see a demonstration video!


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