PDF Conversion SDK from Visual Integrity

Open and Edit PDF Files in Your Application or Service

Visual Integrity's PDF Conversion SDK is multi-platform, running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It's ideal for everything from enterprise automation and cloud-based applications to web services and workflows. The PDF Conversion SDK supports creating and consuming all PDF versions including the newest standard, PDF 2.0. Editing can be added with the Custom SDK which gives developers access to all object data and text.

No printer driver is required. Performance receives a boost because conversions flow  swiftly through our proven, robust and standards-compliant conversion engine. Now, you can flexibly implement and develop powerful conversion solutions that are fully compatible with the latest PDF specifications. This guarantees high-performance, scalability, and optimized page processing.

If the software you are writing needs to open PDF files for editing or viewing in your own format, Visual Integrity's PDF Conversion SDK is the ideal solution for you. It's used by OEM's as well as corporate developers to embed PDF import and edit technology into their applications. You'l find it in software from Oracle, GstarCAD, TopCon, Ashlar Vellum, Graebert and ProgeCAD.

The SDK can be integrated into either a client or server environment with just two API calls. If needed, it can also be accessed via command-line. It couldn’t be easier – or more powerful and accurate. You can depend on the mature and proven libraries which are used in many of today’s leading applications and relied on by OEM’s, enterprises and government organizations worldwide.

Visual Integrity Conversion Engine

The proven and powerful conversion framework has been developed and refined over 25 years. The vector conversions are unrivalled in their accuracy, scalability and precision. Image formats are high-quality without being heavy and the text extraction offers unparalleled possibilities.

SDK Modules

Annual SDK Subscription

The Annual SDK Subscription includes the SDK license, all updates, priority support and more flexible distribution. The subscription must be maintained for the life of the project. You have the right to use the software as long as you are an active subscriber. The SDK is licensed per project.

Perpetual License

Choose the perpetual SDK license if you plan to integrate our technology into an internal application or service with limited distribution. Advantage Support is optional but highly recommended to receive updates, support and changes to file formats.

Simple SDK Integration Config & Two API Calls

Included in the SDK are header and lib files for the conversion libraries, font directory, batch programs, documentation, sample source code projects for Visual C++ , C# and Basic (Other interfaces available upon request).

Select your Configuration Settings

Use VgPsLoadOptions() to load your configuration file. An example is:

VgPsLoadOptions (PDF2XXX, %INSTALLDIR%pdf2xxx.ini);

Call the API

VgPsConvert is the main function to convert a PDF, PostScript or EPS file into one of the vector output formats. For example, to convert foo.pdf into an SVG file, you would use:

VgPsConvert("foo.pdf", "foo.svg", SVG, NULL)