Custom PDF SDK

Custom PDF SDK for PDF Object Access

The Visual Integrity Custom PDF SDK gives object level control to developers. This opens up an array of new possibilities. For example, use it to programatically pre-process PDF files, extract specific objects from pages or change objects on a drawing before importing. The Custom API could also be used to add support for a proprietary or native format.

The Custom PDF SDK can consume, create and operate on the object data and text within all PDF versions, including the latest standard, PDF 2.0.

More examples include:

  • Perform operations on Object Data
  • Extract Object Data
  • Delete Object Data
  • Support your application's native file format
  • Change attributes
  • Find text strings
  • Strip
  • Replace
  • Search object geometry data
  • Snapping
  • Remove
  • Replace
  • Manipulate Layers

The Custom API is very flexible and easy to integrate. The possibilities it offers are many. Please contact us to discuss your project to see if the Custom API is a good fit for you.