PDF Custom SDK

PDF Custom SDK for PDF Object Access

The Visual Integrity Custom PDF SDK gives discreet PDF level control to developers. It delivers an array of new possibilities for preprocessing PDF in your application or service.

For example, use the PDF Custom SDK to manipulate PDF files by extracting or searching for objects on a page. The Custom API can also be used to add direct support for your own format without a conversion step. In fact, for Open Design Alliance members, source code is included to create ODA OdDbDatabase in memory of a given PDF page.

The Custom PDF SDK can parse and operate on the object data within all PDF versions, including the latest standard, PDF 2.0.

Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Extract object data on each PDF page
  • Support your application's native file format
  • Import object data without a conversion step into your application
  • Search object geometry data
  • Find text object strings
  • Perform operations on object data
  • Delete object data
  • Change attributes of object data
  • Extract image objects such as, for example, JPEG files.
  • Snapping

The Custom API is very flexible and easy to integrate. The possibilities it offers are many. Please contact us to discuss your project to see if the Custom PDF SDK is a good fit for you.