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NXP Semiconductors, makers of high performance, mixed signal semiconductors, uses PDF FLY Server to convert EPS technical graphics to GIF images for Web viewing.

GE – PostScript to GIF, JPEG

geImages for Web-based Repair Manuals

GE Aviation, the world’s leading producer of both large and small jet engines, runs PDF FLY Server as part of an automated EMC Documentum platform + Epic XML publishing flow. PDF FLY produces Web images from UniGraphics drawings and Office graphics delivered to the system as PostScript files for incorporation into repair manuals.

BlueMatrix – PDF to PNG and SVG


Pumping Graphics for Financial Reports

BlueMatrix, makers of leading solutions to publish and disseminate financial research on-line to subscribers, uses PDF Server with SVG and Image output modules on LINUX as part of its state-of-the-art research platform for both sides of the financial community. It powers the online production of financial reports, serving charts and tables generated in the PDF format to Web-friendly formats – PNG and SVG.  They also use the SVG files in combination with FOP to create PDF files.


sriThe SRI Corporation was once part of Stanford University and is now one of the world’s most diverse independent R&D organizations. SRI provides superior support to a diverse customer base in Manufacturing & Sourcing, Engineering & Services and Consulting & Training. One of their projects required a platform that could transform PDF files into editable and searchable HPGL files. PDF FLY was a unique solution which delivered what they needed – to move wiring diagrams saved as PDF into a proprietary CAD viewer.


sdlSDL provides content and document management solutions that streamline the information creation and delivery process. They integrated the PDF SDK into their XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to enable import of PDF pages as EPS files. XPP, an automated XML publishing engine, is widely used in publishing, technical documentation, financial, government, high tech, aerospace and defense industries. XPP is a key component of some of the most sophisticated, high-production publishing systems in the world.

Merck – PDF to EPS

merckMerck & Co. is a global healthcare company committed to improving health and well-being around the world, They use PDF Server to convert PDF documents into the EPS format as part of their high-volume production system that produces regulatory submissions to the FDA. Over the years that Merck has been a Visual Integrity customer, we have added several custom features and enhancements to our engine in order to ensure absolute conversion accuracy of even the most arcane symbols and equations thus providing the highest fidelity output possible for these critical FDA submissions.

Harris – EPS to MIF

harrisHarris Corporation uses Adobe FrameMaker to produce its technical manuals. The graphics are either produced in CAD applications or stored in legacy systems such as Interleaf. In both cases, they rely on PDF FLY to convert the drawings from EPS into MIF producing graphics that are editable and can be easily imported into their FrameMaker documents.

ETH Zurich – EPS to SVG

ETH-bigThe world-renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, forms a community of 20,000 people from 80 nations with an outstanding research record. Visual Integrity products are at work in several faculties. One professor uses MATLAB to generate sophisticated data plots in EPS. To share these, he needed a solution to publish the EPS files to the Web in a format that people could zoom and pan. SVG was the answer, automatically produced in seconds by invoking PDF FLY via a command line script on UNIX.

Mohawk – EPS to SVG

mohawkMohawk Industries, the leading producer and distributor of flooring worldwide, relies on PDF FLY to streamline their marketing workflow to move logos, product images, brochures and ads into their XML-based online authoring and publishing system. Files are converted on Linux from EPS into SVG, the XML standard for scaleable vector graphics on the Web.


The Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Company’s engineering subsidiary in Thailand (MPS) uses the FLY Batch production server for high-volume batch conversion of PDF drawings into the DXF format.