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Visual Integrity Technologies est. 1993

locationsVisual Integrity was founded in 1993 to develop solutions to bridge incompatibilities between applications on UNIX and Windows. Our first customers were technical writers who needed to use drawings designed by engineers in proprietary UNIX systems in their Windows-based publishing systems.

We knew were off to a good start when we earned the confidence of our initial customers – AT&T, Ericsson, Abbott Laboratories, the European Space Agency and Texas Instruments. We’ve been on a roll ever since. Now our product line includes indispensable add-ons for Microsoft Office and AutoCAD users as well as high-powered enterprise developer tools and specialized programs for engineers and scientists.

Long-Term Pioneers

We give the credit for our success back to our customers and prospects who have helped us keep our heads out of the sand and have driven most of the improvements to our core technology over the years. As you have needed new capabilities, we have extended the engine to more than handle them. Because our software evolves based on what you need, it always delivers a solid and current foundation for end-users and developers alike. On top of all this great feedback, we add in some pretty good ideas of our own as well.

Visual Integrity is still actively managed by its two co-founders, Jan Homan and Jean Haney. Both have more than 30 years of experience in the software industry. With pioneering vision and strong product instincts, together the founders have ensured that Visual Integrity’s products have been in step with major market developments, trends and paradigm shifts while striving to make practical products with exceptional value for end-users and developers alike.

Thanks to you

With 25 successful years behind us, we hope to continue to be a pleasant surprise in the software world – the company who reacts to your requests with unexpected responsiveness or with useful information to help you make a decision. We appreciate your trust and will continue to earn it.

Have 30 Minutes? Watch our session at the 2019 Electronic Document Conference "Leveraging the Vector Objects in PDF Files"

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