CGM File Format – Computer Graphics Metafile

The CGM format is used for storing, exchanging, and publishing technical graphics, ranging from CAD drawings to geological plots. It is commonly used in industries such as aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive, and telecommunications for product operation, maintenance, repair, and technical manuals. The petroleum industry also uses it for mapping, lithology cross-sections, seismic traces, and well logs.

CGM is supported both in print and online (IETMS) and is typically used for technical illustrations in SGML/XML documentation systems and web-based systems. However, it has largely been superseded by formats such as SVG and DXF outside of specialized technical industries.

Visual Integrity products can turn graphics into the CGM format for manufacturers, suppliers, and software vendors who need it. The software supports input formats such as PDF, PostScript, EPS, WMF, and EPS and produces. Products with CGM support include PDF FLY, PDF Conversion Server, and PDF Conversion SDK.

Our CGM files are compliant with all levels and industry profiles. The software produces the common denominator subset of CGM to ensure optimal interoperability with downstream viewing, authoring, and publishing environments.

Notes on CGM Support

•    Output supports CGM Levels 1-2-3-4
•    Compliant with ATA, MIL, and PIP industry profiles
•    Supports vector graphics, raster images, and font-based text
•    Supports both metric and abstract scaling
•    Curves are retained in Level 3-4 compatible output

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