New! pdf2picture v10 Available Now!

What’s New in v10 / Upgrade

Edit PDF in Visio with pdf2picture™. Transform your vector PDF, EPS and AI files into editable vector drawings, scalable vector graphics (SVG) for the Web and high-fidelity image formats. pdf2picture is an ideal companion for Visio, Microsoft Office, Publisher®, Google Apps, SketchUp and more.

Choose vector or image mode and pdf2picture will produce the best format to enhance your documents and presentations. Choose vector mode (WMF, EMF, EPS or SVG) if you want to extract the objects and text for editing. Image mode (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF) is excellent for resizing images or making them Web-ready.

Buy the Windows version below or click Pricing for more options.

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Features in pdf2picture

  • New! Convert PDF, EPS and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) formats
  • Use either vector (WMF, EMF, EPS and SVG) or image (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP) modes
  • Convert single files or multiple files using built in batch mode
  • Accurately reproduces objects in the native Windows vector format
  • Supports HTML5 standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), a widely used format in applications and on the web.
  • Exports editable EPS files for desktop publishing and print production.
  • Preserves searchable PDF text as editable text in vector output
  • Merges characters into words and one-line text strings for improved editing and searching
  • Apply font name mappings during conversion (correct or substitute)
  • Automatically preserves original PDF sheet size
  • Rotate output by any degree
  • Crop output to eliminate white space
  • Emulate PDF clipping/cropping commands
  • Ignore vectors, images and/or text during conversion
  • User-definable syntax for naming multi-page files
  • Converts multi-page PDF to multiple single-page Web images
  • Simplified interface for more direct conversions to WMF
  • Includes free WMF viewer
  • Improved reporting on errors and warnings
  • Expanded support for non-standard font encodings

General features & compatibility

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows® (32-bit and 64-bit OS in 32-bit compatibility mode), Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Supports all levels of PDF through the current Adobe® PDF specification
  • Easy wizard-style Windows interface
  • Pictures produced compatible with Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft Visio, Google Apps and more
  • Select file using Windows Explorer functionality or by dragging a PDF file into pdf2picture

pdf2picture is the perfect graphics companion for Microsoft Office. With just a few clicks, you can make the most of your PDF files in Office applications. With optional add-on’s, it can be extended for use by systems integrators or developers. Options include:


Transform PDF files into editable vector drawings or high-fidelity images that you can work with in Microsoft Office, Visio and more. Single-user License for Microsoft Windows.

Add to Cart$59
pdf2picture Upgrade
pdf2picture Upgrade

pdf2picture Upgrade for registered customers. Current version is 10.0. Transform PDF files into stunning images or editable vector drawings that you can work with in Microsoft Office and more.

Add to Cart$29
pdf2picture 5-user Workgroup License
pdf2picture 5-user Workgroup License

The pdf2picture Workgroup license is for installation on a network for use by up to 5 users or for use on 5 individual PC’s. Ideal for departments and workgroups.

Add to Cart$179
pdf2picture 10-user Workgroup License
pdf2picture 10-user Workgroup License

The pdf2picture Workgroup license is for installation on a network for use by up to 10 users or for use on 10 individual PC’s. Ideal for departments and workgroups.

Add to Cart$295
pdf2picture 25-user Workgroup License
pdf2picture 25-user Workgroup License

The pdf2picture Workgroup license is for installation on a network for use by up to 25 users or for use on 25 individual PC’s. Ideal for departments and workgroups.

Add to Cart$495
pdf2picture Pro Command Line
pdf2picture Pro Command Line

pdf2picture Pro drives conversion of PDF files into editable WMF and EMF files via a simple command line interface. A very reliable and cost-effective solution. Conversion limit 10,000 files per year. For higher capacity, see Fly Batch.

Add to Cart$449


Note for our customers:

If you have purchased any of our products and want to upgrade, please visit the Upgrade Center. Please have your serial number or original order number available to validate the update. If you are a current user of a competitors’ program and want to trade-up to pdf2image, let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code to use.

pdf2picture – Quick Start Tutorial

1. Choose the files to convert
pdf2picture Select Files
2. Use batch mode to convert multiple files or directories.pdf2picture Step 1
3. Choose Vector or Image conversion mode and formatpdf2picture Format Options
4. Select page conversion options – cropping, size and page range.pdf2picture Page Options
5. Set vector preferences such as rotation and minimum line width.
pdf2picture Vector Options
6. Choose image settings – resolution, dimensions and color model.
pdf2picture Image Options
7. Map fonts if necessary to remedy incompatibilites.
pdf2picture Font Options
9. You are ready to convert! Now you can use your file in Visio, Microsoft Office or whatever application that supports the most popular Windows graphics formats – WMF. EMF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF.
pdf2picture Conversion Summary

“I tested the eval version against a multi-page PDF document with vector images on pages 8 to 13. It worked sweetly. I’ll get my credit card!”, Nick Ruddock, Queensland

Nick needed to convert multi-page PDF files with CAD drawings into a format he could edit in Visio. We implemented a change in font mapping and another to fit drawing to page based on his feedback. Thanks Nick!

pdf2picture™ transforms PDF files into editable vector drawings  or high-fidelity images that you can use in Microsoft Office, Visio®, PowerPoint and more!


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