Open and Edit PDF in PowerPoint

Until now, graphics transferred from PDF files to PowerPoint were limited to bitmap images. You couldn't change them or enlarge them without losing clarity and detail. But, with Insert PDF, you can access all objects and text in PDF files and, create more impressive presentations, that look great on any size device. That's because when vector PDF graphics remain vectors, you can do so much more with them. Plus they can be enlarged or reduced to any size without losing resolution and clarity. Gain more control over your graphics with Insert PDF for PowerPoint. Try it free for 15 days.

Make a great impression

Use PDF's without wasting time redrawing them.

Just insert the PDF in PowerPoint or Visio, ungroup and start making changes.

Choose PDF file to work with

cover of 2017 world wildlife fund annual report

Source: The 36-page 2017 World Wildlife Fund Annual Report.

Insert PDF pages in PowerPoint.

page from 2017 world wildlife fund annual report

Use logo on page one and graphs on page 30.

Make an awesome slide!

slide created by inserting pdf in powerpoint

Enlarge logo, highlight key graphics, rearrange content.

Turn PDF into Slides

Starting with a blank slide, use the icon on the far right of the "Insert" menu to open the PDF file. Once the page appears, right-click to ungroup it. This will activate all of the objects and text so that you can edit them, change colors, delete unnecessary content and move objects. All versions of PDF are supported including PDF 2.0.

Crafting a Stunning Slide

Companies invest substantial amounts in design and branding. Until now, the graphics and logos locked in professionally designed PDF-based annual reports and brochures could not be accessed for use in other company documents such as presentations or slides. Using this rich, scaleable content ensures the look-and-feel of your organization persists through all levels and makes a great presentation to your world. Try Insert PDF for PowerPoint today!

How Insert PDF works

It's all about vector graphics.

Most drawing, charting, illustration, presentation, publishing and design programs save files in vector formats. These formats have many features that JPG, PNG and GIF images don't. They grow and shrink to fit your space without losing clarity. Each object can be moved, deleted, recolored or resized. Text can be altered for font choice, color and size. When using Insert PDF in PowerPoint or Visio, you'll be able to modify graphics that you never thought you could.

example of ungrouped vector graphic

2 Types of PDF Files

There are two basic types of PDF files - those that contain editable graphics and text and those that don't; more specifically, vector PDF files and raster PDF files. The best way to tell which type you have is to magnify a section to more than 500%. When enlarged, the vector PDF files will look great, no matter how large or small you make them. Raster PDF files, on the other hand, will result in fuzzy images and unclear text when zoomed. 

Insert PDF is designed to work with computer-generated PDF files which are most often vector-based. It is not designed for scanned drawings which contain raster images. If helpful, raster PDF files can successfully be used as tracing layers.

vector or raster example

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