PDF Import API for ODA Members

Take your PDF Support to the next level

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Premium PDF SDK Framework for ODA Members.

Open Design Alliance members already using the PdfModuleVI, can add “Import and edit PDF” to their features checklist in an afternoon with our CAD SDK. You can also access and work with object data and text at a deeper level than with PDFium. If you use PDFium for features such as PDF Underlay or snapping, you can add the Visual Integrity PDF Libraries alongside it to enable deep object data access.

As an ODA Member, you can choose the free open source PDFium library or subscribe to ODA’s PdfModuleVI library for a nominal annual fee. This $500 per year ODA member supplement ensures a supported and extendable PDF platform.  Both of these API’s offer an initial level of PDF support enabling PDF underlay, PDF rendering, preview generation and point snapping in your application.

For extended PDF features, Visual Integrity can take you seamlessly to the next level with two additional PDF SDK’s.

  • PDF Conversion SDK – Open PDF files in your application as DXF or DWG files (library exclusive to ODA members) and edit all objects and text. Supports layers, scale, PDF cropping, font mapping, multi-page PDF, attribute options, compound objects and more.
  • PDF Custom SDK – Use the Custom SDK to work with and pre-process PDF files at the object data level.  Extract, delete and add object data, change attributes, find text strings to strip or replace and search object data.

With just a few calls to the engine, you will add valuable new functionality to your software or service. Drawings will be accurate, scalable, editable and rendered with impressive speed. Key features include:

  • Two calls to the engine combined with an easy to edit conversion profile deliver impressive results.
  • Based on a proven and robust PDF Conversion engine
  • Sophisticated tuning options to enhance, compensate or improve output
  • Font mapping and substitution
  • Intelligent object recognition
  • Supports separation of drawing layers
  • The standard PDF Import API includes PDF input. Additional input formats may be added.
  • Includes DXF target format. Additional optional output formats available (see below)

Additional input or output formats

The CAD SDK includes PDF input and DXF output. Additional input and output formats can be added at a discount. Options include:

Input Formats

EPS/PostScript, WMF or EMF

Output formats

  • Vector: SVG, WMF, EMF, CGM, PDF, EPS, PostScript, HPGL, MIF
  • Raster: JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, 8-bit TIFF, B&W TIFF
  • Text: Unicode, ASCII

Runtime Fees

The PDF Import SDK includes the right to distribute the resulting application royalty-free to a maximum of end-users per year based on which license you choose. Supplemental license fees apply when this limit is exceeded. Contact us for more information on license expansion programs.

Note: PDF Import requires vector PDF input files to produce editable output. PDF Import is not raster-to-vector software and is limited to generation of a tracing layer from scanned PDF files (raster PDF).