Product Upgrades

The current pdf2cad version is v11.2018 amd it was released in November 2018

How to find your version number.

If you do not know what version you are using, then launch the software. After that, click “Cancel” to bypass the file selection screen. Then, click on the box with two arrows in the lower left of the window. It will inform you of your version and build number. If you do not have the latest build, you can Upgrade or purchase a 1- or 2-year Advantage Support Subscription which ensures you always have the latest version and support if you need it.

If you are an Advantage Support subscriber, you can log into your account on our web-site and download the latest version at your convenience.


pdf2cad v11

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All of our products have a small icon with two arrows in the lower left hand of the screen. This is the “About” box. Clicking on it will display your version number. Compare this to the version number of the latest release on our web-site (click on product page; the version number will be on the first product tab) and see whether you need to upgrade.

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