The PDFin (formerly pdf2AutoCAD) Trial is free. You can download it either from Autodesk or directly from us. The links are below. Please note that the Trial version is fully functioning but each file will be stamped with a watermark. It should not get in the way of seeing whether your file opened correctly. If you do find it intrusive, just let us know and we will convert a test file for you without the watermark at no charge. This stamp  is disabled when a full license is purchased.

 [szb link= color=orange size=large]Download the PDFin Trial from Visual Integrity[/szb]

 [szb link= color=black size=large]Download PDFinTrial from the Autodesk Exchange[/szb]



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To run PDFin (formerly pdf2AutoCAD), use pdfin on the command line in your AutoCAD or Autodesk program. This command will launch a PDF File Selection Dialog.

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pdf2cad, PDFin (formerly pdf2AutoCAD) an pdf2bricscad are different types of products. pdf2cad is an advanced, standalone PDF conversion program while PDFin and pdf2bricscad are plug-ins that require another program to run. PDFin requires AutoCAD or another Autodesk program that supports their extension API (Autoloader API). pdf2bricscad requires BricsCAD.

pdf2cad is a powerful standalone program available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It opens PDF, EPS and AI  files as editable DWG, DXF or HPGL files. It provides many advanced features and user-definable conversion options. With pdf2cad, you can convert multipage PDF files, control layers based on color or other attributes, rotate your file during conversion and more. It converts multiple files and full directories with ease. pdf2cad costs $199.

PDFin and pdf2bricscad are plug-ins. PDFin is Autodesk Approved and available in their Autodesk Exchange | Apps. pdf2bricscad is available from Bricssys. Both will open any one-page computer-generated (vector) PDF file using controls within these programs. All objects can be modified and the file will be saved as DWG or DXF. Text will be editable as long as it was stored as characters in the original PDF file. If it was “plotted” as pen strokes, the text will appear but can not be edited. The plug-ins arenot for scanned drawings and other raster PDF files.

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