Electronic Document Conference 2019

We’re looking forward to the Electronic Document Conference this coming June 17-18, 2019 in Seattle!

The Electronic Document Conference is an opportunity to experience a wide range of perspectives on electronic document technology. Hosted by the non-profit PDF Association, this event surveys cutting-edge ideas, best- practice and new initiatives from across the electronic document landscape.

Held at the Adobe Systems facility in Seattle, this event builds on the PDF Association’s successful track-record of PDF user and technical events in cities around the world over the past 10 years. It’s a unique platform for both established and emerging electronic document technology leaders across a wide range of subdomains and use cases.

Following an introductory keynote address from Boeing on the company’s digital transformation journey, the event kicks off with tracks on file formats and Open Data. On Day 2 the conference will first hear from CreativePro Network President David Blatner, whose keynote address will zero in on “Publishing Documents Precisely”.

Of course, there's a distinct PDF technology thread that's common to many of the sessions. That’s because, for many users, even while they use an increasingly wide range of technologies, PDF embodies the idea of an electronic document.

Check out The Electronic Document Conference 2019 agenda. A sampling of the sessions include:

  • Leveraging vector graphics in PDF 
  • Document adaptation: responsiveness and personalization of the document experience
  • Blockchain for documents- the future of security
  • How reusable content in pdf could be: deriving PDF into html
  • Automatic distribution of full indexed documentation with multimedia content for large production plant guides
  • Signature workflows today - From remote electronic signatures to long term-preservation with PDF
  • SafeDocs: Could PDF be a weapon in cyber warfare?
  • Toward a theory of documents and their formats
  • The state of electronic document support

As a member of the PDF Association, Visual Integrity is proud to be a sponsor of EDC 2019. One of our founders, Jean Haney, will be speaking during an educational session, "Leveraging the vector graphics in PDF files" where she plans to surprise attendees with just how much you can do with the graphical content in PDF files.

We hope you’ll join us at the Electronic Document Conference 2019!

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The official conference hashtag is: #EDC2019