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Alsco – PostScript to ASCII


alscoAs the first company to introduce commercial linen services to the world in Lincoln, Nebraska 1889, Alsco is used to pioneering solutions. Alsco Inc., now a worldwide leader in their area, deployed the PDF FLY Server on Solaris and Linux servers across North America as an integrated part of their corporate document archiving system to extract data from PostScript print files.

blue-crossMedavie Blue Cross provides health, travel, life and income replacement, administers various provincial and federal government-sponsored health programs and, manages ambulance services in the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Whitehill Technologies implemented the PDF FLY Batch Server at Medavie Blue Cross to move ASCII data from high-volume PostScript database output into its XML-based business intelligence platform.

Labware – EMF to ASCII


Extract Text from a Real-Time Data Stream

LabWare has been providing best-in-class Laboratory Automation software solutions for almost two decades to meet the data handling requirements of laboratories in diverse industries spread around the world.  LabWare integrated the FLY SDK into LabStation to extract the ASCII text from EMF print files produced by Windows-based lab instruments.

Reuters – PostScript to SVG

Pumpling Vector Graphics to the Web.

reutersPrior to its acquisition by Odessey, the Reuters Portfolio Management System (RPMS) used the FLY SDK on Solaris and Windows.

This integration enabled real-time delivery of multi-page Oracle reports (PostScript) to the client’s Web browser as scalable vector graphics (SVG) with very little programming effort. Just two calls were used to convert the PostScript files into scalable vector graphics (SVG). Visual Integrity completed some custom development for Reuters related to fonts to ensure accurate screen display (WYSIWYG) which is now part of the standard product. “Our customers help us see new areas to extend the SDK. Thanks to its flexible and well-designed core, we can add new features relatively easily”, said Jean Haney, co-founder and CEO of Visual Integrity. Using SVG, which is the standard web vector format of HTML5, customers benefit from a greatly improved viewing experience and a resolution independent and scalable graphics solution.

View the SVG logo below to see how SVG can scale to any size without losing clarity. To test this:

  • click in the margin area to the right or the left of the logo below
  • then, with just the logo displayed on your screen, resize your browser from full screen to a quarter of the screen.

The logo will adapt to the new dimensions and looks great at any size. More information about SVG can be found on the W3C site.

[svg src=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/svg-logo-v1.svg” width=”300″ style=”display:block; margin:auto;” type=”embed”]

Saab Tech – EPS to SVG

SVG XML Publishing

SaabTech Electronics AB manufactures and markets products for the defense industry. The company focuses on optics, precision mechanics, electronics, and system integration systems. It products include tornado radar warning systems; EWS39 – Gripen EW system; BOQ A110 Jammer Pod; JAMMER A100 Training system; BOQ X300 Jammer and EW System; and BOW-21, a radar warning system. Engineers and tech writers at SaabTech Systems use PDF FLY on their Linux desktops to move EPS graphics into their XML content management system as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG).” One of the primary factors for choosing PDF FLY was the accuracy of the conversion from EPS to SVG. SaabTech Systems has been a customer since 2002, using the software on both Windows and Linux. “Thank You very much for the support, I’m impressed. I have used the tool to convert PCB layout from a Mentor tool to my SSDD document, and I think it’s a great tool. It gives me the possibility to create very detailed assembly instructions. I’m very satisfied.” Best regards from Börje Karlsson

SaabTech Systems has been a Visual Integrity customer since 2002.

Raytheon – PDF FLY for CGM

raytheon_logoPDF FLY for High-Quality CGM

Raytheon’s Electronic Warfare Systems is a world leader in the development and production of solutions for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and their international counterparts. They chose PDF FLY to move a vast library of technical graphics from multinational NATO contract vendors into their own commercial system as ActiveCGM-compatible CGM files. PDF FLY was chosen for several key reasons:

  • PDF FLY easily handles both PostScript and EPS,
  • PDF FLY provides the utmost flexibility for font mapping and embedding
  • PDF FLY was highly tolerant of the wide variety of source files.
  • PDF FLY offers a batch mode.

Raytheon has been a Visual Integrity customer since 1998