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Delcam – PDF to DXF


delcamDelcam, makers of PowerSHAPE and other modelling tools for design and manufacturing, added an option to import PDF and PostScript into PowerShape by scripting command line calls to the PDF to DXF executable. This was accomplished using the FLY SDK. Once the PDF is imported into PowerSHAPE it is can be modified saving engineers valuable time otherwise spent redrawing.

Raytheon – PDF, PostScript, CGM

raytheon_logoConvert Graphics from NATO Members

Raytheon’s Electronic Warfare Systems is a world leader in the development and production of EW system solutions for strategic and tactical aircraft, helicopters, and surface ships for the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, and their international counterparts. They chose PDF FLY to move technical graphics from multinational NATO contract vendors into their own commercial AIMSS IETM system as ActiveCGM-compatible CGM files

PDF FLY was chosen for several key reasons:

  • PDF FLY easily handles both PostScript and EPS,
  • PDF FLY provides the utmost flexibility for font mapping and embedding
  • PDF FLY was very tolerant of a wide variety of source files with a 99%+ successful conversion rate.
  • PDF FLY offers a batch mode which converts a large number of files at once.

Raytheon has been a Visual Integrity customer since 1998

US Coast Guard – EPS, PDF, CGM

coastguardThe U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City, MD overhauls and makes major repairs and modifications to all Coast Guard aircraft and associated equipment. They use PDF FLY to convert aircraft manuals illustrations from PostScript, EPS and PDF into the CGM format for authoring in their internal publishing system. Central to their decision to use PDF FLY was its ability to precisely control orientation and scale of output. Font mapping was also key.

The U.S. Coast Guard has been a Visual Integrity customer since 2004.

AutoZone – PDF to PowerPoint

AutoZonePowerPoint Graphics from PDF Reports

AutoZone, the nation’s leading retailer of automotive parts and accessories, produces formatted database reports containing tables, charts and other page layout elements in the PDF format. Internal users need to receive the reports as PowerPoint slides for viewing, editing and presentation. AutoZone deployed the Metafile Server to batch convert the reports from PDF to WMF, a native vector format for PowerPoint. By doing this, they were able to automate the production of these PowerPoint presentations.

TaxAct – PDF to WMF

taxactTaxact is a popular, free on-line tax filing system. In order to provide accurate and reliable service with tax returns, it was necessary to incorporate IRS forms and publications which were only available in the PDF format. To enable viewing, printing and light authoring of those documents as part of their Windows application, they used PDF FLY to batch convert them into the Windows Metafiles (WMF) format.

Godwin Pumps – PDF to AutoCAD

Godwin Pumps manufactures and maintains a fleet of portable pumps and related equipment for use in construction dewatering, mining, drinking water supply and water/wastewater bypasses. Regularly, they receive mechanical parts drawings from vendors in PDF file format for their technical documentation. Their drafters regularly need to use these in AutoCAD for assembly into larger drawings. Since AutoCAD does not support PDF import, they needed a reliable and precise way to convert these PDF files into editable CAD drawings. After evaluating different solutions, they chose pdf2cad for its precision and ease of import into AutoCAD.

Mentor Graphics – Export to MIF

mentorMentor Graphics® is a leader in electronic design automation (EDA) software.  Mentor Graphics integrated export options into their FPGA/PLD Integrated Design Flow Software using the FLY SDK using the PostScript format as the basis. This added functionality gives electronics designers the option to export diagrams in MIF and other vector file formats such as WMF to ensure compatibility with their varied publishing tools.

Qualcomm – EPS to MIF


qualcommThe world leader in next generation mobile technologies, Qualcomm ideas and inventions are driving wireless growth and helping to connect people to information, entertainment and one another. Qualcomm runs PDF FLY Server to enable automatic conversion of EPS graphics from MATLAB, Visio and other technical applications into MIF for use in their FrameMaker technical publishing system.

Micron – PostScript to MIF, WMF

micronlogoMicron is an innovative global manufacturer of advanced solid state semiconductor solutions. Technical documentation work groups at Micron both in Europe and the USA use PDF FLY to move technical graphics into their FrameMaker documents as MIF. Because their specialized and proprietary engineering system can only output to PostScript, PDF FLY provides a very accurate way to generate MIF without needing to open files in intermediate applications like Adobe Illustrator, They also produce WMF files for use in Microsoft Office.

Airbus – PDF to CGM, TIFF, ASCII

logo-airbusAirbus, a leading aircraft manufacturer, integrates FLY SDK into a proprietary server application used by their airline customers. When the application is fed PDF and PostScript files, FLY SDK drives the automatic extraction of vector graphics as CGM, raster images as TIFF or JPEG and text as ASCII. Airbus chose Visual Integrity because of excellent support, willingness to collaborate on custom features, multi-platform support (Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows) and general quality of all output formats. Airbus has been a Visual Integrity customer since 2005