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    How to use PDF in Cricut Design Space – 3 Insider Tips

    Keep it Simple — Use PDF Designs in Cricut Design Space. Create your best works of art in any application and save them as PDF. pdf2picture converts them flawlessly to SVG or DXF, ready for cutting. You'll get a perfect match: no font mismatches, no broken lines, no hassles. Streamline production by using layers for personalized designs. Spend your...
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    PDF in PowerPoint

    PDF files can contain logos, charts, diagrams, drawings and illustrations. When you “copy & paste” them, or take a screen snip, they lose clarity because they become bitmap images. To preserve the quality of the original vector graphics, you can open and edit them in PowerPoint. The resulting graphic is portable. Use it in PowerPoin...
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    How to convert PDF Drawings with PDF FLY

    PDF FLY is the professional’s choice If you work regularly with graphics and get PDF files you want to use, PDF FLY is a great choice because it outputs every format you’ll need. It supports technical drawing formats like DWG and DXF, Windows vector formats EPS, WMF and EMF, SVG for the web and all...
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    pdf2cad version 12 Released

    Advanced Features Added to pdf2cad for Layers, Fonts, and Security FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Portland, ME – February 14, 2020. pdf2cad version 12 released. The best-selling PDF to DWG converter, is now at version 12. New pdf2cad v12 includes additional options for separating and working with CAD layers as well as merging pages into a singl...
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    2019 PDF Products & Services Directory

    As part of the 2019 Electronic Document Conference in Seattle, the PDF Association released the 2019 PDF Products & Services Directory. Register for your free download. The annual Electronic Document Conference (PDF Days) is an opportunity to experience a wide range of perspectives on electronic document technology. Hosted by the non-profit&nbs...
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    PDF SDK Trio Offers Developers Unique Access to PDF Object Data

    Rich, Multi-Platform PDF API for Conversion, Creation and Object Access Visual Integrity® has upgraded its three PDF SDK’s. Together, the PDF Conversion SDK, PDF Creation SDK and Custom PDF SDK provide a robust, multi-platform, set of PDF libraries for Windows, OS X and Linux developers. The SDK’s can be used to open and edit PDF...
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    Visual Integrity Upgrades PDF Conversion SDK

    Visual Integrity PDF Conversion SDK, version 11 offering new features and more API calls. The SDK is for developers who need to convert or edit vector-based PDF files within their application or web-service. Using two API calls, vector PDF files render as editable objects in the target application. ...
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    PDF Support on the ODA Platform

    The Open Design Alliance offers PDF Support and Underlay features based on Visual Integrity’s PDF SDK Libraries. This framework can be extended to add PDF Import/Edit, Creation and Conversion to your application. It can also be used for deep access to PDF object data. ODA Members receive a $500 rebate when extending the ODA PDF...
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    Import PDF in DesignCAD

    Cogistem uses the PDF Conversion SDK to add PDF Import and Edit functionality to DesignCAD enabling customers to open and edit PDF files while in the program.  The PDF feature is accessible from the main DesignCAD toolbar. Grouped with other plug-in features, Import PDF opens computer-generated PDF files (not for scanned drawings) so they can...

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